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1 Tell Me Why
2 I’m A Lonely Man
3 Orange Soda
4 I Got To Go
5 Love Me Like You Mean It
6 Come Back Baby
7 Won’t Throw It All Away
8 Motherless World
9 Pretty Baby
10 Stop Breakin’ Down
11 Just Around The Corner
12 Tomorrow Night
13 Shake Dancer


"Diamond" Dave Billing - harp/vocals

Dave Brewer - guitar, vocals track 10, backing vocals tracks 1, 5, 11, 12

Yugon Chobanoff - drums

John Wilson - bass , percussion tracks 1, 4, 5, 8, 11


Recorded in O'Connor Western Australia, 'The Doodaddies' is our third CD.

The Doodaddies selected their favourite tracks from their live sets, with the aim of obtaining a spontaneous natural sound. All songs were recorded in one or two takes over two nights.

Arranged and produced by the Doodaddies
Recorded at Jaysonics Studio, O’Connor, Western Australia
Sound Engineer : Jason Hayles
Mastering Engineer : Gerard McGough

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Lonely Part Of Town

1 Too Many Drivers
2 Good Time Charlie
3 Run Here Mama
4 She Tried To Ruin Me
5 Lonely Part Of Town
6 She's My Baby
7 Much Too Much
8 Learn to Treat Me Right
9 No Good Woman
10 Born In Chicago
11 Kiddio
12 I Can Tell
13 Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
14 I Smell Trouble
15 Just Around The Corner


"Diamond" Dave Billing - harp/vocals

Dave Brewer - guitar, vocals tracks 5, 11

Yugon Chobanoff - drums

John Wilson - bass

The Doodaddies' second album, recorded in Perth features the tight riffs and high energy which characterises the music that fans have come to know and love. Studio recording has allowed faithful reproduction of the unique blues sounds, without the need for sophisticated post-production. Most songs were recorded in single takes, retaining authenticity and spontaneity.

Already receiving airplay and rave reviews in Australia AND overseas, "Lonely Part Of Town" is a must-have addition to any genuine blues afficionado's record collection.

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West Coast Blues - Live!
1 Lollipop Mama
2 Count on Me
3 Just Around The Corner
4 Trust My Baby
5 Humpin' To Please
6 Fourteen Dollars In The Bank
7 Love And War
8 Oh Baby
9 Satisfied
10 Early In The Morning
11 Motherless World
12 That's Enough Of That Stuff


"Diamond" Dave Billing - harp/vocals

Dave Brewer - guitar

Yugon Chobanoff - drums (tracks 1,2,8)

Richie Pavledis - drums (all others)

Hans Deberitz - bass

These recordings were made with "Diamond" Dave's trusty 1/4 inch open reel recorder, and has captured the essence of the language we share - the Blues.

The band and the audience present at these recordings had a great time as you'll hear, and we hope you do too when you listen to Diamond Dave and the Doodaddies, West Coast Blues - live!

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The Life of Riley (Dave Brewer Solo)

The Life of Riley, surprisingly, is Dave Brewer's debut release! Featuring 10 original compositions, the album represents the culmination of the many styles of music that Dave has played over the years. These include Blues, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Afro etc. with a uniquely cohesive quality throughout the album.

Featuring: Dave Brewer - Vocals/Electric Guitar, Lucky Oceans - Pedal Steel Guitar, Ric Eastman - Drums, Matt Willis - Double Bass

Special guests on "Life of Riley" : Natalie Gillespie - Backing Vocals, Clayton Doley - Hammond Organ, Paul Williamson - Tenor Sax, Dave Palmer - Trombone

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