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Booking the Doodaddies for your next function? Here's loads of information, photos, videos and staging requirements so you can promote your event and set it up so everything goes smoothly!


Short Biography (PDF)

Long Biography (PDF)
The Doodaddies at Perth Blues Club 2012
"She Tried To Ruin Me"

Doodaddies Full Album 2014 (Audio Only)

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'Diamond' Dave Billing - blues harmonica, vocals

Dave Billing talks about his love of the harp. More
Dave Brewer - Guitar, vocals
John Wilson - bass guitar, upright bass
Yugon Chobanoff - drums, percussion
Guest Performers
Antone (L), Doug (R) and Chob Gary Collinson with DD Jorma Merilainen with DD    
Staging requirements and Technical Specifications - download here



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