The Doodaddies are a four piece Chicago style blues band featuring the red hot guitar chops of Dave Brewer, the sensational harmonica playing of 'Diamond' Dave Billing, driving bass from John Wilson and the 'Russian on Percussion', Yugon Chobanoff.

Covid-19 Cancellations

We've had to cancel some recent and forthcoming gigs. Hopefully things will be back to normal later in the year - meanwhile stay safe, stay at home and listen to your favourite blues tunes on vinyl, tape, CD or online!

Lockdown News

Plenty of time now to listen to records! I have been checking out a few of my old LPs including The Dave Brubeck Quartet album 'Take Five' (I just love Paul Desmond's Saxophone and Joe Morello's drum solo on the title track) plus Joe Cocker 'Cocker Happy', Dutch Tilders 'Direct' and 'Fathers and Sons' by Muddy Waters.

In the car I am listening to CDs- early Alice Cooper (with 'Schools Out' highly appropriate !), 'Glory of Gershwin' (Larry Adler's last album featuring many vocal and pop stars) and 'Tigerman' featuring the Roger Federer of the Blues Harmonica world - Kim Wilson.

I really like the new Album by Junior Watson 'Nothin to it But to do it'. As far as blowing harmonicas, I have been playing scales and patterns on a CX 12 Hohner Chromatic, then a few melodies, with an attack at a few Stevie Wonder solos, in particular Alfie and For Once in My Life, which need a lot more practice!

I have replaced a number of reed plates on my CROSSOVER harps and I am very happy with this Hohner harmonica, a good quality instrument.
The acoustic guitar is out more now with an interest in John Prine (who sadly passed away yesterday) songs and the Travis picking style.

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats is a a Spotify favourite.

The DooDaddies is a band I really enjoy playing with and I look forward to the day we play again!

Cheers Dave
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Want to get more info on the Doodaddies?

If you go to our media page you can download stuff like photos, video clips, sounds, print-friendly bios and media releases. We've uploaded a couple of videos from Miri onto YouTube.

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