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Hailing from Perth Western Australia the Doodaddies are a four piece Chicago style blues band featuring the red hot guitar chops of Dave Brewer and the sensational harmonica playing of 'Diamond' Dave Billing.
Able to play a variety of grooves and styles, Dave is heavily influenced by the Blues masters Freddy Below and Sam Lay, Chob plays a driving swinging shuffle that still has that loose feel that is so hard to master yet essential for the Doodaddies sound.
The Doodaddies cover a solid selection of uplifting grooves including swinging shuffles, soul, boogaloo, 'cry in your beer' blues and more. With a number of live shows and two CD releases including the acclaimed albums 'The Doodaddies' and 'Lonely Part Of Town' the Doodaddies prove not only that the roots of the blues are strong and far-reaching but that the future of the blues is bright!
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'Diamond' Dave Billing : Harmonica, Vocals
'Diamond' Dave masterfully demonstrates a full understanding of the many styles of the harmonica - from the expressive acoustic approach to the 'driving' amplified style. Using the chromatic harmonica, Dave has developed one of the most distinctive styles heard in Australia - such a great tone with ideas to match!

Dave spent the late 1980s and most of the 90s performing with his band The Mighty Mudcats. In 2000 the Mudcats changed their name and introduced new members including Dave Brewer who had recently returned to live in Perth.
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Dave Brewer : Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dave Brewer played with the Elks in the late 70s and shifted base from Perth to Sydney touring up and down the east coast. In 1982 the Elks disbanded and Brewer stayed on in Sydney, forming a lasting musical partnership with harmonica/ vocalist 'Continental' Robert Susz.

Brewer joined his soul /R&B band The Dynamic Hypnotics as well as the Mighty Reapers during the 90s. The Mighty Reapers released five CDs for Rufus Records label and played support for many visiting blues acts including BB King, Albert King, Buddy Guy, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many more.

Recently, Dave released his first solo album "Life of Riley" featuring some of Australia's most respected musical talent, including Lucky Oceans.
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John Wilson : Bass

John has been a professional bass player for decades. He is very versatile and can perform many different styles of music. He often plays in an African band and is in high demand by a number of blues and blues rock bands. John often performs at the Perth Blues Club.

Among many other respected artists, John performed with our local and internationally acclaimed Slide guitar master Dave Hole for many years. Dave Hole is an Alligator Records recording artist. John has toured internationally and nationally. John also enjoyed a long partnership with Ivan Zar playing guitars, bass and producing. Ivan has several CD releases and is a highly respected local bluesman having a very long career.

John brings a wealth of blues experience. He loves the blues and really enjoys teaming up with Chob, creating hard driving beats.
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Yugon Chobanoff : Drums

Chob has been playing drums from his very early teenage years. He started playing rock and pop but soon found his niche in the blues particularly the Chicago style made popular by such bands as Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter and Junior Wells.

Chob played for a number of years with the ‘Nacho Mamas Blues band’ in the early 90s then had a long run with the jump blues band ‘The Vibrolators’. Both bands released CDs and performed at local venues and Blues festivals around Australia. In 2008 Chob was invited by International Blues artist harp player vocalist Lynwood Slim (USA) and joined his backing band on his Australian tour.